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Yeah, the post before this one, I should mention that number 3.) does not refer to a sexual relationship, and number 6.) should say homosexual therapy.

I would answer these questions like this:

1.) Never, it is not a choice, and I'm currently asexual.
2.) Yes, they did not choose to be that way.
3.) Yes.
4.) They cannot change, it is genetic.
5.) Because it is a genetic trait that has developed in several species.
6.) Homosexuals can't change, therefore therapy is pointless.
7.) None, that would be rude to try.
8.) Because females may carry the gene, and pass it down.
9.) Genetics have nothing to do with race, religion or background.
10.) Homosexuality is not perversion.

If anyone feels differently about this topic, feel free to continue the treatise ;-).
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