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Where Will You Go?

You can't escape the truth.

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This community is for people who don't feel like they fit in, whether it be in your community, your school, your family, or anywhere else. If you feel rejected by people for the simple fact that you're a bit different from those around you, this community is for you. It is geared toward open-mindedness and acceptance of all people, and is named after the Evanescence song, "Where Will You Go?" The community is based on these lyrics:

"I'm so sick of speaking words that no one understands. Is it clear enough that you can't live your whole life all alone? I can hear you when you whisper, but you can't even hear me screaming."

We don't really have any official rules, but there are some requirements, and regulations:

1.) We encourage you to send an essay, summary, or anything that would help us determine whether you'd fit in here, to prevent hateful and rude comments.

2.) Do not use any hateful words, such as retarded, *gay, *lesbian, faggot, fag, or any other word implying that any race, nationality, sexuality, gender, religion, or group of people is better than another (*if used in an offensive way). These words are acceptable if in a quotation.

3.) You are encouraged, but not required, to list "Trapped in Ignorance" as an interest if you feel that you are trapped among ignorant people.

4.) You must be open-minded. Open-minded simply means that you are receptive to arguments and ideas, so feel free to post any provoking questions. However, you must accept everyone's ideas as valid.

5.) Before you make a final opinion, please make sure you have adequate information from both sides.

6.) Arguments or treatises are permitted, and are encouraged. You may use any religious/philosophical source, scientific information, or any other information to prove your point.

7.) Try to remember that the Bible, Torah, Corran, Tao-Te-Ching, etc. have been written by human, not by a god. There may be translation errors or differences, misunderstandings, or misinterpretations.

8.) Accept everybody. This does not mean to get along with everyone, but do not judge people by what they look like, what they've done, or their personality.

9.) Remember, religions all take ideas from each other. "Do unto others as you would have them do to you." was first taught by Confucius. Christianity originates from Judaism, Paganism, Zoroastrianism, etc.

10.) Members are no more important than non-members. EVERYONE is equal.

Thank you for your cooperation. We hope to reach out to people like us and relieve them of their loneliness and frustration. Enjoy this community!!